People / Transfer

James Utting
Head of Transfer

James studied a Diploma in Creative Music Production in Norwich where he passed with Distinction. He then went on to Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where he graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Creative Music Technology in 2012.

He began his time at Factory Studios in 2013 as a runner, and has worked his way up to become Factory’s Head of Transfer. James also works closely with HONEY where he specialises in recording and mixing their voice-over reels.

James also assists the Factory sound engineers across a range of sound design projects, most notably, the 2017 BAFTA winning short film ‘HOME'.

Frankie Beirne
Transfer Engineer

After graduating with a BSc in Music Technology from the University of Hertfordshire, Frankie joined Factory in 2014 as a runner and has quickly moved up the ranks to become a trusted Transfer Engineer.

His passion for music and sound stems from his avid interest in electronic music production, a talent which saw one of his compositions being used in the BAFTA winning short film' HOME'.

Aside from his daily duties, Frankie can be found regularly working on short films, mixing voice reels for HONEY and recording weekly podcasts.

Michael Haines
Transfer Assistant

Michael joined Factory in 2015, starting as a runner and progressing into the Transfer Department.

Michael has a keen ear and a passion for audio post and music production. He studied Sound Engineering at the School of Sound Recording and the University of Salford where he achieved BSc & MSc level degrees respectively.

Having worked with musicians and producers of varying musical styles, Michael has developed a rich skill set spanning a wide range of audio engineering disciplines.

Since joining at Factory, Michael has discovered a hidden talent for foley which has culminated in a credit on the Bafta award winning short film 'HOME'.

Adam Park
Junior Transfer Assistant

From an early age, Adam's love of hip-hop developed into a deep passion for all things sound.

Having discovered electronic music in his teens, Adam went on to study sound design, mixing and music production at Alchemea College where he graduated with top honours from his class.

In 2015 he joined us at Factory, where he is now a Junior Transfer Assistant.

Adam's endless enthusiasm for music sees him continuing to work with bands and produce his own tracks. This passion saw him being asked to record and mix the opening track to the 2016 film, 'I Am Not a Serial Killer'.