People / Front of House

Ethan Day
Front of House & Facility Co-Ordinator


After hanging up his Nando’s cap and apron for one last time in 2019, Ethan joined the Factory Family as a runner. Since then Ethan has climbed the ranks to Front of House & Facility Coordinator where he uses his customer service experience to ensure everyone who steps into to Factory receives a 5-star service.

Ethan loves nothing more than a big lunch so don’t be surprised if he asks you what you’re having for lunch before he’s even had his breakfast!

In his spare time, you’ll find Ethan playing the piano or trying to beat his Time Crisis high score at his local arcade.

Alex Macrae
Head Runner


From a young age, Alex developed a passion for music, initially playing the guitar but thereafter, becoming a multi-instrumentalist, writing and touring with his band throughout his teenage years.

This interest in music and audio led to the acquisition of a 1st class honours in a Music Production and Sound Engineering degree in Bristol. Here he discovered an aptitude for all things sound design (the idyllic marriage of both his love of film and audio) and has since been practising the craft as a freelancer, before joining the Factory family as Head Runner.

In his free time, Alex enjoys mountain biking, painting and illustrating, writing original compositions and indulging in the delights of London’s rich live music scene.

Shannon Randall


Shannon has been passionate about the creative industries ever since she set off to LSBU University to study Film. After graduation, she became a voluntary social media assistant for an online magazine and a podcast. She now produces the podcast newsletter each week and has also begun to dip her toes into the BTS of planning and scheduling.

Having joined the Factory runner’s team in the late summer of 2022, Shannon is enjoying learning as much as she can from her colleagues and is excited for her future as part of the Factory Family.

In her spare time, Shannon enjoys writing, learning how to play the keyboard, roller-skating (badly) and giving all her love and attention to her Labrador, Wilbur.

Alex Fealy


Alex has been fascinated by music and sound ever since he was taught how to play the drums, by his father at 11 years old. Over the years he has taught himself how to play many other instruments, like the guitar and piano, which sparked the creativity to begin writing and recording his own music at home.
Experimenting with sound piqued Alex’s interest, and on most days, it’s all he ever thinks about.

Living in a small town in Essex, Alex has always been making a racket. So just at 19 years old, he made the hard decision to quit his day job and pursue his dream of becoming an engineer in the sound industry. After working hard, searching, and gaining as much experience as he could for many months, Alex was given the opportunity to join Factory’s Runners team in January 2023.

In his spare time, apart from writing music and jamming with his brother, Alex likes to play sports with friends like football and golf. Plus, he also enjoys going to see his favourite artists live as well as discovering new music in smaller venues.