People / Transfer

Andy Isaias
Head of Transfer


Ever since learning guitar as a kid and picking apart music production with his dad, Andy has always had a passion for all things audio. During his time at college, he discovered that he had a particular knack for sound design, and from then on he’s been hooked!

He decided to shift the focus of his Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Creative Music Technology towards sound design projects and bagged himself a 1st in both for his efforts. Since university, Andy has worked freelance as a sound designer and as a transfer engineer at several leading audio post-production studios in London, bringing unique experience from each to the Factory Transfer team

Michael Johnson
Transfer Engineer


Mike studied Music Technology at London College of Music where he developed a keen interest in all aspects of sound design and graduated with a first-class degree.

He has worked in the industry for 5 years and in addition to his day-to-day role has worked on a number of award-winning short films.

Mike is a keen cook, loves spending time with his family and can often be spotted racing around the city on his beloved bike.

Jake Harris
Transfer Engineer


Jake’s introduction to music & sound began when he was handed a copy of Ableton Live at 15 years old.

Since then he has gone on to release music on a number of different labels, had his music played on BBC1, and has played across the country & internationally.

After completing a degree in Creative Music Production Jake began working in the post-production industry, gaining a couple of years of experience elsewhere before joining Factory as a Transfer Engineer.

Jonny Bee
Transfer Assistant


Born and raised in the heart of North-East England, Jonny quit his job as a mechanical engineer and ventured down to London to pursue a career in music and sound.

A multi-instrumentalist with over ten years of experience as a singer/songwriter & producer, touring the U.K and Europe, playing at the U.K’s most anticipated festivals, and performing alongside artists such as Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds, Stereophonics, and Richard Ashcroft - to name a few.

After achieving a first in Music Composition & Production in late 2020, Jonny was introduced to sound design and soon after joined Factory in early 2021, where he is now a member of our amazing Transfer team.