Science Museum Group


Science Fiction: Voyage To The Edge Of Imagination


Museum Exhibition


Sound Designer: Harry Boyce

Composers: Min Yu, Anthony Moore, Dan Beckwith

Additional Credits: Mark Hills, Josh Campbell, Phil Bolland

On-site mixing: Harry Boyce, Anthony Moore

Creative Directors: Anthony Moore, Dan Beckwith

Audio Producers: Mike Hill, Ethan Day

Creative Director: Gavin Fox (Framestore)

Exhibition Curator: Glyn Morgan (SMG)

It was an immense privilege to collaborate with the distinguished teams at the Science Museum and Framestore in bringing this ground-breaking exhibition to life. Visitors are positioned at the centre of a thrilling journey aboard a spacecraft, exploring how scientists and science fiction writers have envisioned and constructed new worlds in an effort to gain deeper insights into our own.

Factory was commissioned by the Science Museum Group to design all soundscapes and interactive audio for the exhibition. Our sound design team leveraged their extensive knowledge of science fiction to create an immersive audio experience that places guests at the centre of this alien spaceship.

Throughout the interactive voyage, guests can discover numerous hidden treasures, including authentic artefacts from renowned movies, TV shows, and books, and our team enjoyed incorporating audio Easter eggs throughout the exhibition, providing a fun and memorable experience for all science fiction fans.

The sound design played a crucial role in elevating the experience of the exhibition. Using a combination of bespoke organic sounds and references from science and science fiction history we created a unique and immersive atmosphere for each aspect of the journey.

To ensure a personalised experience for each visitor, the sound was carefully crafted to allow for a relaxed exploration of the exhibition, free from the distractions of repetitive and monotonous sound loops. To further enhance the continuity of the experience, each scene was interconnected with the preceding one through a base layer of evolving engine hums. The sonic design served as the cohesive element, providing a transportive journey throughout the entire ship while each scene maintained its own distinct flavour.

“Instantly transporting guests into a science fiction adventure, followed by nuanced different environments, moods and stories along the way, was honestly only possible with Factory's excellent immersive sound design. As passionate and as nerdy as me about the subject matter (maybe even more so!), from initial creative ideas right the way through to on site installation and mixing, they really went the extra parsec.” Gavin Fox; Creative Director at Framestore

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