Rush Sturges


Rush Sturges & Aidan Haley & Thayer Walker

Production Company

River Roots

Original Composition

Jon Clarke

Score Supervision


Score Supervisor

Siân Rogers

The story of Scott Lindgren’s 20-year quest to be the first person to paddle the four great rivers that originate from Tibet’s sacred Mount Kailash is more than a gripping whitewater flick. It is also an intimate chronicle of an emotionally stunted athlete who’s having a breakthrough after a life crisis. As a highly accomplished expedition kayaker and whitewater filmmaker, Lindgren always forbade any sign of emotional vulnerability on the river; he saw it as a weakness that might jeopardize the fortitude needed for extreme waters. It takes a life-changing diagnosis, followed by a dark night of the soul, for him to finally learn how to show up with an open heart.

The film Premiered at Telluride Film Festival to great acclaim and was later released by NETFLIX